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QBlockz is an exciting game where players stack blocks on a rocking board trying to keep the balance. 


As the tower gets taller, each move becomes more challenging.  Working together you build the tallest towers or use strategy to force your opponents into making a mistake. 


Game Length:   3 - 10 minutes

Game Reset:      0 - 1 minute


Multiple ways to Play

The game rules ensure the stability of the blocks and encourage upward growth.  The game offers different ways to play, collaborative and competitive styles. 


The different game styles unlock a completely new feel to the game.


Game Styles

  • Competitive - go head to head  with your opponents, where each player must use strategy and skill to force their opponents into making a mistake.

  • Collaborative - perhaps you prefer a more collaborative experience working as a team to build the tallest tower.

  • Free-For-All - where everyone can just play when they want, loading up the table as fast or as slow as you want

  • Solo - maybe you just want to test your own skills building a custom tower.

  • DIY - make up your own rules and try it out with your friends.

Game Play

Building from a clear board means spending less time setting up after a game ends to play again.

The block's color dictates where you can place it.  These move choices and options make the gameplay more interesting; picking a color is like rolling a die.

Gameplay can be fast-paced or slow and strategic.  You choose how you want to play.


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